TIRTL OHVD is a low power, dual beam infrared detection system. It is IP66 rated with ethernet and 3G communications. TIRTL can monitor multiple lanes of bidirectional, and is capable of ignoring lanes/direction of travel as required.

  • TIRTL installation to detect over-height vehicles
  • Dual beams provide redundant over-height detection (TIRTL can operate with 1 optical beam)
  • TIRTL outputs include:
    • Over-height vehicle event
    • Vehicle speed and direction
    • Vehicle lane (bi-directional)
    • Vehicle position across road
    • Vehicle width
  • Detects vehicles up to 250kph
  • Detects vehicle exhaust pipe >15 mm wide (programmable)
  • Rejects birds, leaves, rubbish
  • All features as per standard TIRTL with extra O/H alarms

Side View of Over-height TIRLT Installation