A rugged semi-permanent battery box that is suitable for powering a portable TIRTL installation.  The battery box provides a rugged watertight casing that contains two 12V 7 amp hour batteries suitable for powering a TIRTL receiver or transmitter.

14ah pack new14 Ah Semi-Permanent Battery Boxes


  • 14 amp hours of 12 volt DC battery
  • Rugged portable watertight  casing
  • Built in LCD voltage meter
  • Padlockable for added security


A summary of the features and benefits:



14 Amp hours of 12 V DC battery Suitable for powering TIRTL receiver for 2 days
Suitable for powering TIRTL transmitter for 4 days
Watertight HPX Resin casing Provides protection against water and dust ingress
Operating temperature range -20oC to +60oC
Lockable Dual lock points provides security against vandalism
Double layered, soft grip handle Provides security locking point




Case details iM1200 Pelican Storm Case
Weight (including batteries) 7 kg (1.7 kg without batteries)
Length 270 mm (10.62 inches)
Width 246 mm (9.68 inches)
Height 124mm (4.87 inches)
External housing body material HPX® Resin
Latches 2 press and pull latches
Locking 2 padlockable holes
Valves Vortex® valve